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Wij zijn Zuidas Publishers! Met een kantoor in Amsterdam en Rotterdam werken we sinds 2017 met veel verschillende opdrachtgevers aan kwalitatief hoogwaardige mediaproducten. Door onze kennis en samenwerkingen met freelance redacteuren en fotografen weet Zuidas Publishers precies hoe wij jouw bedrijf op een positieve manier onder de aandacht kunnen brengen.  

We’re delighted to introduce our team! 

Our team

Romy Lange
Owner Zuidas Publishers & RCD Publishers

In 2017 heb ik Zuidas Publishers opgericht. Met heel veel plezier werk ik samen met fantastische en ervaren redacteuren, designers en fotografen aan onder andere de magazines Hello Zuidas, RCD Magazine en het General Counsel NL Magazine. Naast het uitgeven van bladen – dit kunnen ook eenmalige edities zijn voor bedrijven – produceert Zuidas Publishers bedrijfsvideo’s. Dit maakt de werkzaamheden nog afwisselender en spannender. Onlangs hebben we een kantoor in Rotterdam geopend waar we natuurlijk erg trots op zijn! Zuidas Publishers groeit en wij zijn nog lang niet uitgegroeid!

Nicole Pak
Sales and Project Manager Zuidas Publishers

Having started my career at a media and communications agency, I’ve worked in this field ever since, now as sales and project manager at Zuidas Publishers. From sales to interviews and writing articles and from coming up with new ideas to keeping track of deadlines, it’s a multifaceted job. This wide mix of activities offers loads of variation and that energizes me. Each new issue comes with tight deadlines. That means some stress, of course, but also keeps me sharp! I also love working in Zuidas and the energetic pace of life here.

Céline Boute
Editor Zuidas Publishers & RCD Publishers

I have a degree in journalism and wide-ranging interest in the world at large. As a journalist, I’m fascinated by people and their stories. The great thing about my job is that, alongside the joy of sharing amazing stories with you, I get to learn about so many different topics. Zuidas Publishers gives me all of that: a beat in two dynamic cities (Amsterdam & Rotterdam) where I get to gather inspiring, personal and business stories.

Eefje van den Akker
Editor Zuidas Publishers & RCD Publishers

I studied journalism and history at the University of Amsterdam and have been an editor at Zuidas Publishers from its inception. My job involves developing a variety of sections and articles for the Hello Zuidas magazine, which extends to supplying appealing content for its social media channels. My favourite is working on the ‘Architecture’ section, which shines a spotlight on a different noteworthy building in Zuidas in each issue, often revealing the most amazing facts and details.

Reno van Dijk
Videographer and photographer

A love of creating images led me into a career in camera work. To me, it’s amazing to be able to convey through images the passion that people have for their work. Those interactions keep me sharp and driven to produce the best result. We also create great corporate videos in partnership with Zuidas Publishers. I always enjoy working together because they communicate clearly and always have good contacts with clients, which results in a better final product.

Emiel Brouwers

I work as a designer, on both the production and strategic side. Coming up with and designing marketing and ad campaigns is one of my real passions. Being critical is a part of that, which I apply to all my designs, including Zuidas Publishers’ productions like the Hello Zuidas magazine. It’s about achieving a perfect balance between space, text and images. The best thing about a new magazine is the smell of a freshly printed issue. No digital spread can match that!

Caily Bobbie Jo

I’m a photographer and studied photographic design at the Fotovakschool (photography trade school). My passions are portraiture, fashion and culture, and that’s where my focus lies. It’s important that my pictures tell a story that intrigues viewers and takes them into that experience. The assignments I do for Zuidas Publishers give me a fantastic platform. They tell stories about all the different people and companies around Zuidas, and my photos underscore that. Together, we present those worlds for a wide public to see.

Ruben Stam
Videographer and photographer

After my professional training in animation and audiovisual design, I started my own business in late 2020. I was interested in photography and video from an early age and have turned my passion into my job. In my own creations I tend to give realistic scenes a surrealistic twist and to incorporate details that others might overlook. My work for Zuidas Publishers gives me the opportunity to create lots of content for many eyes to enjoy.

Lotte de Graaf

I studied media and entertainment and have been a freelance photographer for about seven years. What I like about my job is the variation and the creative aspect. You’re constantly going to new places and meeting new people, so there’s a huge variety. Through working for Zuidas Publishers I’ve become very familiar with Zuidas, and it’s fun and interesting to be part of this thriving area where so many developments are taking shape. I shoot portraits for Zuidas Publishers as well as beautiful architectural structures and events.