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We are Zuidas Publishers! Established in 2017 and with offices in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, we create high-end media products for a large range of clients. With a highly knowledgeable team plus a pool of freelance editors and photographers, Zuidas Publishers is a city marketing specialist and expert at creating a positive image and publicity.  

We’re delighted to introduce our team! 

Our team

Romy Lange
Owner Zuidas Publishers & RCD Publishers

Since founding Zuidas Publishers in 2017, I’ve had the great pleasure to work with fantastic and experienced editors, designers and photographers on Hello Zuidas, RCD Magazine and General Counsel NL Magazine, among others. As well as magazine publishing – including one-off corporate publications – Zuidas Publishers also produces corporate videos. This has added a whole new varied and exciting dimension to our activities. Most recently we very proudly opened a second office in Rotterdam. This is a testament to our strong growth, which we look forward to continuing in the years ahead.

Céline Boute
Editor Zuidas Publishers & RCD Publishers

I have a degree in journalism and wide-ranging interest in the world at large. As a journalist, I’m fascinated by people and their stories. The great thing about my job is that, alongside the joy of sharing amazing stories with you, I get to learn about so many different topics. Zuidas Publishers gives me all of that: a beat in two dynamic cities (Amsterdam & Rotterdam) where I get to gather inspiring, personal and business stories.

Reno van Dijk
Videographer and photographer

A love for creating images led me into a career in camera work. To me, it’s amazing to be able to convey through images the passion that people have for their work. Those interactions keep me sharp and driven to produce the best result. We also create great corporate videos in partnership with RCD Publishers and Zuidas Publishers. I always enjoy working together because they communicate clearly and always have good contacts with clients, which results in a better final product.

Emiel Brouwers

I am active as a designer, I am also strategic in this profession. Coming up with and designing marketing and advertising campaigns is a real passion of mine! How do you stand out from your target group and how do you trigger them to take action to purchase your product or service? Being critical is part of that, but I apply that to all designs, such as in the productions of Zuidas Publishers like the Hello Zuidas magazine. Striking the perfect balance between space, text and image. The best thing about a new magazine, the smell that comes from the newly printed edition. No digital design can compete with that! 

Caily Bobbie Jo

I’m a photographer and studied photographic design at the Fotovakschool (photography trade school). My passions are portraiture, fashion and culture, and that’s where my focus lies. It’s important that my pictures tell a story that intrigues viewers and takes them into that experience. The assignments I do for Zuidas Publishers give me a fantastic platform. They tell stories about all the different people and companies around Zuidas, and my photos underscore that. Together, we present those worlds for a wide public to see.

Davide Heijmans

I found my passion for photography during my adventures in Amsterdam, South Africa, and London. My journey started with a solo exhibition in 2020, and since then I have developed into a much sought-after all-round photographer. Since 2023, I have been living in Amsterdam-Zuid, which is just a stone's throw away from the Zuidas. As a result, I always feel connected to the developments and the people who are interviewed and portrayed for Hello Zuidas magazine. I enjoy meeting and photographing interesting residents, companies, and people for Zuidas Publishers in this vibrant part of Amsterdam.

Roxanne Wilm

I have been a photographer for Zuidas Publishers since 2019. After finishing photography school, I turned my focus to creating innovative images, often telling a story. In recent years I have specialized in lifestyle, portrait and press photography. Variation is essential for me in my work. It keeps me sharp and ensures I always feel challenged. With my focus on images that offer something new, I enjoy working with Zuidas Publishers, where I get to meet people and see lots of places that are new to me. Bringing together pictures and stories: that’s my passion.

Nestor Angelos Tsakirakis
& Ska Klijn
Photographer & Videographer

We are Nestor and Ska. Ever since getting a camera for his fourteenth birthday, photography has been a part of Nestor’s life. Photographing people and crafting creative concepts have been his focus from early on. Ska’s passion is for film. After completing his education in AV production in 2020, he went straight to work in the field. We co-founded our company in 2020 and work together often. As a team, we supplement each other. Nestor does the photography, Ska takes care of video. Together, we can rapidly deliver great content to Zuidas Publishers.

Your internship with us?

“An internship where you can take your first steps as a journalist into reality. Work and fun go together perfectly at Zuidas Publishers. An experience you don't want to miss out on.”
Fleur Nuisker
“At Zuidas Publisher, I have learned to work together with great pleasure and to strive for optimal results!”
Isabel Kok


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